About Us

Welcome to Hasten Travel Gear! 

We are thrilled that we are your e-destination of choice! First things first: we love to travel, but we don't love going into debt because of it. If you are anything like us then you probably feel the same way.

The idea for Hasten Travel Gear came from our own searching for inexpensive travel bags online before a trip to South East Asia. With airfare being so pricey, it left us little to spend on some lightweight backpacks. Either the bags were poor quality, or the shipping costs made them just as expensive as the popular name brand bags. This was an obvious problem for the traveler on a budget. It was then we decided to do some serious digging to find top-notch travel gear at reasonable prices. But we didn't want to stop there. We wanted to help others who were facing the same problem. The result: hastentravelgear.com

Every single product we offer has been hand selected based on what we would actually spend our hard earned money on. We always focus on quality, style, and functionality when looking for new items to add to our store. You will find a wide variety of travel bags, backpacks, travel organizers, gadgets, and travel accessories. We even have curated collections based on the type of traveling you will be doing. Whether you are planning a day trip or moving overseas, our low-cost quality travel products will help you get to wherever you're going. 

Here at Hasten Travel Gear we believe 3 things:

  • God made the world to be seen and explored. 
  • Traveling should always be fun.
  • The more you can save on your gear, the more places you'll go.

We want to help all of our customers hasten their next adventure! So, feel free to take a look around before you depart.

God Bless,

Jesse Mitchum


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